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3 Ways to Grow Blog Traffic: Reflecting on the First 8 Months of SocialSquared.com

3 Ways to Grow Blog Traffic: Reflecting on the First 8 Months of SocialSquared.com

How content, risk and commitment to quality has greatly increased visits to this blog. Blogging has allowed me to simmer my thoughts down into words, make sense out of the noise of my environment and add value and encouragement to others pursuing similar goals. Here’s 3 reasons why I think this blog’s traffic has grown over it’s first 8 months.

The Early Days

SocialSquared.com was started last June and has grown steadily ever since then. My goal was to write on social media and marketing and add a little bit of Jess Sloss at the same time. Visitors in the early months could be counted on a hand or two, today I’d need to borrow many more hands to keep track.

For those of you just starting out, looking for the first few pairs of eyes to grace your post, keep at it. With great content, regular posting and a desire to add value to others who view your work, your content will be seen by more and more people. I feel confident that the same will be true for Social Squared.

It may just take some time. Have a look at this Google Analytics report for the Life time of SocialSquared.com (just 8 months old).

3 Reasons Social Squared’s Traffic has Grown

1) Social Media Web

Over the past year I have been using social media with a purpose, to connect and share with like minded and interesting people around the world. I post my latest work to Facebook and Twitter, link to my blog in all of my Social Network Profile pages. All those links and connections add up.

2) Going out on a Limb for Opportunity

A few weeks ago I was made aware of an opportunity of a lifetime, studying and working with a leader in the Social Internet Marketing industry, Seth Godin. The application process called for a very public showcase of myself, what I have done and why I like to do it. You can see my application here.

By stepping up and pursuing opportunity, my content was viewed by thousands of people. Combining the excitement of the opportunity with great Key Word rich title, led to my application being listed second behind Seth himself on an application search. Check out Seth’s Post The Best and the Brightest or see all applications here.

By openly pursuing opportunity, I gained fans, great recommendations from friends and a whole bunch of new readers. Take a lead, make a stand, argue your point, put yourself out there with good intentions!

3) Commitment to Quality Content

Readers want insight and opinion. They want to be informed and made to think. I’ve made a point to bring myself, my thoughts and feelings to this blog. It’s not just a website, it’s a reflection of the inside of my head.

By not being afraid to show my opinion and a focus on exposing insight into Social Internet Marketing, Social Squared is on a great path to growth.

Bonus: Don’t Focus on Visits or Views

While I want this blog to be seen by thousands, I’m not willing to compromise my brand to spam, interrupt or trick people to my content. I don’t write for advertising dollars, or page views, I write to honor and showcase my thoughts and those of others. Focus on content and value, page views will come eventually.

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