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Ikea’s Facebook Marketing Success. Put Away your Allen Keys

Ikea’s Facebook Marketing Success. Put Away your Allen Keys

Mashable posted a great example of the power of Facebook for marketing, but don’t pull out your Allen Key, you can’t put this together yourself.

The above video shows how Ikea used the photo tagging feature to grow brand exposure on the social network.

An Ikea Store Manager would upload a photo and the first person to tag an item in that photo with their name, received that item. Ikea would get exposure to new users and users would get furniture. Giddy up i know!

Too Bad it’s not for You

What’s more interesting to me is the the fact that these sort of promotions have recently been curtailed by Facebook. The social network recently released Promotions Guidelines that specifically prohibit the running of contests on Facebook without written consent from a Facebook Representative or the use of a third party promotions app ( such as wildfire )

According to reports the costs of getting that written consent can be large. Why Facebook reports that

running a promotion in a Facebook application or “fan page” requires buying ad space

It’s pricey. The minimum ad buy is $10,000 for 30 days, using Facebook’s self-service advertising system, according to documents seen by CNET, or $30,000 for 30 days of Facebook home page ads. Priority in the approval process will be scaled, based on how much advertising space has been purchased.

Hardly an accessible tactic for the majority of businesses out there. It’s apparent that Facebook feels the need to restrict the use of it’s platform in certain ways. Whether that’s for the good of the user ( by cutting down on potential spam ) or for the good of their pocket book, has yet to be determined.

What remains to be seen is how these new rules will be enforced. See the full promotions guidelines here.

About the Author: Jess Sloss is Communications Strategist at Giant Ant Media a Vancouver Video Production Studio. A serial entrepreneur, Jess helps businesses across North America engage their customers using Social Media. Follow him on Twitter

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