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I see mistletoe, kiss my Google Phone?

I see mistletoe, kiss my Google Phone?

Google Phone via Engadget.comvia Engadget

I like smartphones

If you like your smartphones, listen up. Pictures are rapidly leaking today about Google’s new phone, that is coming out … soon? As hinted in a Google ‘Mobile Blog’ over the weekend, Google Phones are currently being tested by their staff over the Holidays (‘An Android dogfood diet for the holidays’). And, according to a Globe and Mail article, they have their carrier contracts in order, so it sounds ready to go from a business angle. Engadget has several pictures displayed on their site today.

I am softy for hardware

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone. And, I doubt I would give it up. Yet, some of my favourite features are from Google, and I use a whole lot of Google Apps. And, I know of several people who refuse to spend money on anything but the Google Phone. Moreover, Google are apparently selling an unlocked version of the phone as well. A viable, unlocked smartphone!? You mean I don’t have to call some guy named ‘Slim Shady 2.0′ to get one? And, a second battery option. Oh Google, you are tugging at my smartphone strings.

Go Team! … I mean

So, we are left to ponder, who will the Google Phone more negatively affect, Apple or Blackberry; or does it only serve to increase the overall, collective value of smartphones? The mobile ‘cloud’ is about to get a little more dense.

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