Police iPhone App brings Facial, Iris and fingerprint recognition to the streets

Look out criminals, that sexy bad boy style of yours may be your down fall, the police have an app for….umm … capturing that.

I take wary pleasure in introducing you to MORRIS.

Near Instant Biometric Identification, there’s an app for that

Touted as Smarter and safer, First in the world and significant, MORRIS is an iPhone app that brings multiple biometric identification options to a police officers pocket.

Officers will have access to Facial, Iris and Fingerprint recognition tools that tie in with multiple Department of Justice information sources. They claim to have

Morris provides mobile and wireless biometric identification capabilities and  access criminal justice data from virtually anywhere anytime in a a matter of seconds

MORRIS the BioMetric Id System for Iphones.

Photo Credit: nolifebeforecoffee♡ on Flickr.

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